Creating amazing architecture of any scale allows us to fundamentally think how people interact with buildings and their environment. Memorable architecture is a product of research and innovation, along with the drive to create spaces that are engaging and sustainable remain 43Hundred’s focus.

Design Build

We approach architecture, engineering and construction to be inseparable. We created a single source process in which 43Hundred is responsible for an entire building project. By working together creatively from the start of the project, architects, engineers, and contractors combine their knowledge to devise integrated and sustainable design for today and for the future.

Interior Design

By designing a building from inside out, we create dynamic spaces that foster innovation and collaboration. The starting point allows us to understand our client’s needs and how the spaces will be used, which enables us to create spaces that are cutting edge technologically, engaging, and uplifting.

Structural Engineering

Our Structural team works to design progressive engineering solutions that enable a conceptual design to become remarkable architecture. By combining art and creativity with engineering expertise and a full knowledge of materials, we deliver memorable architecture.

MEP Engineering

Our MEP team creates a comfortable, effortless environment using research and technology. Our mission is to develop a design that is efficient, cost effective and creative.


By understanding the need to protect our environment, Our Team through research, collaboration, and innovative techniques develop a sustainable vision for projects.


The Visualization team produces visualizations that are essential for concept, construction, and presentation. Our team allows us to communicate our design ideas to the client.

Inspections and Site Safety

Our Team of inspectors and site safety managers allow us to comply with the strict requirements of the department of buildings in NYC. Our Team provides special inspections that are pertinent to ensure the safety of the building and the construction team.